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Fastest Opening Knife

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Doesn't use springs or gravity and requires only one hand to open.

Requires only one hand to open on either the left or right side pocket. See this slow-motion demonstration.

Demonstration of Worlds Fastest Knife

Unique design allows the knife to open while being pulled out of the pocket.

Its blade is made of 3Cr13 stainless steel.

Tough ABS plastic handle with a Stainless Steel clip.

It measures Open 9" Closed 5.5" Blade 4"

Fastest Opening Folding Knife

This is one of those knives that open when pulled out of pocket. As you can see from the video, as soon as it clears the pocket, the blade is fully opened and locked in place.

Assisted opening knives, like this one, increase the speed at which you can fully deploy your blade. You'll win on this front.

Let's be honest here, this is just a cheap imitation of the Emerson wave feature found on many high end blades. My spyderco matriarch 2 has said feature. It is very fast but if it's a cheap imitation you're likely to end up taking a finger while trying to open this "fastest knife in the world". Do yourself a favor and spring for something with a real Emerson opener.

Knife opens scary fast. I'm right handed and my wife is left handed. Works fast both hands. I am a little faster than her. I think her jeans are too tight to pull it as quick as I do.
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