The Tools You Need to Protect Yourself are Right Here!

Emergency Preparedness

Planning ahead for future disasters is what emergency preparedness is about. Stocking up on long-term food storage gives you the peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, you will not go hungry. We've partnered with Wise Company to bring to you these food options that are perfect and actually designed for future protection against whatever comes your way.

“I wanted to have the peace of mind that Wise Company products provide. A few years ago we had a major wind storm that caused the power to go out in our area for a long period of time. I am a police officer and was on duty when the outage occurred. There was a run on all the supermarkets in our area. What I saw happen in our local area compelled me to assess my households current state of preparedness. Thanks to Wise Company, I am confident that my wife and I are prepared.”

- Jeff, WA