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10 Things Your Emergency Preparedness Kit Should Have

Posted by   Steve Thibeault

What would you want with you in case of an emergency or terrible storm that snows you in for days?

We are going to look at ten essential items to make sure you have a stockpile of. You want to have these items in your emergency preparedness kit.

Do you want to be prepared and organized for the next catastrophe or emergency? Keep reading to learn what to have on hand.

What to Have in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

We are going to look at ten items you will want in an emergency. Here they are.

1. Water

Water is something we cannot live without. In the case of an emergency, you're going to need water. You can last longer without food than water.

Make sure to stock plenty of bottled water. Consider buying some large containers of filtered water. Be sure you store some in a pantry or your basement.

Also, leave a twenty-four pack of bottled water in the trunk of your car. You may get in an accident on a commute to work so it's best to be prepared.

This is your most important item so don't forget it!

2. Blankets

Depending on if you must flee your place or not, you're going to want to be able to stay warm. Have an extra set of warm clothing and blankets in your car and at home. If you do need to flee your home, you will be set to leave.

Emergency blankets are an option because they are small and lightweight when folded. Space will become precious when in an emergency so try to keep your load light.

3. Flashlights and Flares

If the power goes out, having candles, flashlights, and batteries will be imperative. Make sure you go to your local hardware store and stock up on batteries. Perhaps get a hand-powered or solar charged flashlight as well.

You are going to want to stock a flare and flashlight in your car in the case that you have to signal for help. Pick up some spare batteries as well.

Maybe think about picking up one of our rechargeable stun gun flashlights as well.

4. Shovel

If you find yourself in a blizzard that has you snowed in, make sure you have enough shovels. You will need to shovel and get yourself out quickly in case of a severe storm.

Pick up a few in case one of them breaks. You will need to ask your family to help you as well so have ones that are big enough or small enough for them.

Make sure that you get a comfortable and light one, so you don't tire out fast. Keep a shovel your car as well just in case you get stuck somewhere.

5. Power Source

If electricity shuts down and there is a mass power failure, you're going to want a generator. Invest in a backup generator for home as it is an alternative power source.

In your car, make sure you have a power cord that you will be able to use to power your phone.

Do not underestimate a power source. If the power shuts down, at least you will still have access to electricity.

6. Food

Having access to calorie-dense food is hugely important. Make sure you have enough canned and dried food stored. Pick up protein-rich foods like beans, nuts, and peanut butter.

Don't rely on your refrigerator or freezer unless you have a generator that can continue to power them. If the power goes out and you don't have access to a generator, you can't count on your fridge.

Try to have a supply of food that you can still eat even if you don't have the power to cook or heat the food. Nut and power bars and dried food are essential items to have on hand in your car.

7. Tools and Supplies

Simple tools like candles, duct tape, tarp, an ax, toolkit, and knife are must-haves.

These will help you navigate worst-case scenarios. You may need to be able to cut down trees for firewood or cover a hole caused by a fallen tree.

Make sure your tools can help repair simple things while waiting for help.

8. First Aid Kit and Medications

This is a must. Hopefully, you already have one of these in your home. If not, make sure you add this to your shopping list.

You're going to want to pick up two--one for your car and the second for your home.

A stocked first aid kit will help you through a nasty storm in case you can't get out.

Also, medications are something to consider as well. If you travel a lot, make sure you have a spare asthma inhaler or prescription pills. You want to make sure you have access to these in case of an emergency.

At home, make sure you have a little extra on hand just in case you get land-locked at home due to a storm or some other emergency.

9. Radio

Radio is important. This will be your lifeline to the outside world where you can get weather updates and emergency updates.

When you and your family have been stuck inside for days, this will also serve as entertainment. Make sure that your radio is battery powered or it can be solar charged.

Also, make sure to power up your radio from time to time. You want to make sure it still works in case of an emergency.

10. Toiletries

You may scoff at this one. We aren't talking about mascara or body spray. We are talking about toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, and essentials that will help you get through a storm or an emergency.

You will be thankful later for taking the time to put together these items. Even though you may think its silly, you will regret it later.

Now What?

In this article, we went through ten essential items that you are going to want in your emergency preparedness kit. Let's quickly review them.

Waters, blankets, flashlights, shovel, generators, food, tools, prescriptions and first aid, radio, and toiletries.

These items will get you through an emergency or snow-in.

Do you want to learn more about what to do in case of an emergency? Read this article we wrote about how to stay safe.


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