Dummy Dome Camera

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These types dummy dome cameras are highly effective in deterring theft from department stores or any type of business. You can't tell the difference between them, especially with this high-end model. Still less than 10 bucks.


This is a mini dummy dome camera made to look like a real IR dome surveillance camera. It has a red flashing light to help deter any criminal activity.

Pretend Camera - Real Security

These types of fake cameras are highly effective in deterring theft from department stores or any type of business. They look realistic because they are the real thing except they do not have the actual circuitry inside of them.

The adjustable head lets you aim the cam wherever you want so you can give the appearance that a certain area is covered. The realistic infrared illuminators add to the effectiveness by giving the impression of a high-end security camera.

Even if you have a real system in place, adding more of these around the store gives the appearance that every square inch is covered. You may not be able to afford high-end devices for every area, but you can certainly afford these and the public will not know the difference.

Fake Dome Camera

Specifications: Measures 3 3/4” x 2 7/8”

Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

Dummy Dome Cameras are a Smart Investment

Most people do not even realize that there are a lot of homes, businesses, schools and government buildings that use dummy surveillance cameras along with their real ones. Unless you are involved in building security, you would never know that some of those are fake. There are several good reasons why they are a smart investment.

They Look Real

These faux models do everything their real counterparts do except capture video. This dome model has a blinking light and has the same appearance that a working version does. It is almost impossible to tell a fake from the real deal.

They Are Less Expensive

Another reason that people invest in fake surveillance is that it is less expensive than a real system. You can enhance your security presence by adding these at a price that is much lower than real ones. You get the same intimidation and deterrent effect that you would get from real cameras, but the high cost of operation is not there.

They Protect Your Real Cameras

As was mentioned, people will mix up where they place their fake ones to try and draw attention away from the real ones. A criminal doesn't know which is which. It helps to keep your real ones operational which allows your surveillance to always be doing its job.

They Deter Criminals

The main reason why people install these is that they make criminals think twice before proceeding with their illegal activity. A criminal does not know if the one outside your garage door is real or not. He just knows that if he walks in front of it, he is likely to get caught. When criminals see these security measures in place, they tend to abandon their plans.

They Can Keep Employees In Line

Criminals are not the only people that do not know if they're real or not. If you want to get your workers to pay closer attention to the clock on their breaks, then put a fake camera in the break room.

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