Double Down

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The Double Down has 4 inches between contacts. The greater the space, the greater the effect. A simple electrical fact!

The Double Down stun gun is more effective than most stun guns because of the increased space between the contacts. The greater the space, the greater the effect. A simple electrical fact! Most stun guns only have 1.5 inches. The Double Down has 4 inches between contacts.

Double Down Stun Gun with Self Defense Spikes

With its stun areas and self-defense spikes, it has never been easier to defend yourself! When carried with your arms down by your side the powerful flashlight faces forward to light your way safely at night. The bright light can also be shined in the eyes of a potential attacker. The self-defense spikes face backward, hiding them from a potential attacker and allowing you to "hammer strike" in a natural downward motion.

Also, the top side of the unit is positioned over your knuckles to protect them when punching. Finally, the two stun areas can deliver a powerful electric charge and are positioned 4 inches apart to create a large stun area and eliminate the need for pinpoint accuracy when using the stun gun.


  • Two Removable Spikes
  • Large Stun Area
  • Bright LED Light
  • Nylon Holster with Belt Loop
  • Safety Switch
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Squeeze to Stun

The Double Down stun gun is like having two stun guns in one.

Carry this powerful stun gun on your hip in the included holster and pull it out when you need it. As any electrical engineer will tell you (and we do get them pointing this out to us), the greater the distance between the arc, the higher the effect. Since this unique stunning device has a full 5 INCHES between the two ends, this baby outperforms!

TWICE the contact -- totaling 23 Million Stunage Volts -- TWICE the stopping power!!

Some states have restrictions on Stun Devices. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

Get Double the Damage

The Double Down Stun Gun provides twice the power of a stun gun. Make sure, however, you understand how it works! Everyone knows that a stun gun, when used effectively, can immediately immobilize your attacker. But if you think that doesn't offer you enough protection, how about having a self-defense weapon that's akin to using two stun guns at the same time? Sounds wonderful? That's exactly what you'll get from the Double Down Stun Gun.

What You Get from the Double Down Stun Gun - To have a better idea of how this product can ensure your safety and help you fight off your attacker, you'll need to understand how its essential features work.

Two Zaps at the Same Time

This product has two discharge points, situated at each end of knuckle protective structure. These dual discharge points allow you to release a dual slap at a single instance. Think of it as a combo punch that can zap your attacker in half a second, given the perfect placement.

Carrying Holster

For better security, a holster is also included with the Double Down Stun Gun.

Safety Features

Stun guns are powerful, especially if they come with a 23 million voltage power like the Double Down Stun Gun, but also potentially dangerous to the user. Safety features are, therefore, quite necessary. A carrying case to minimize the effects of accidental discharges and prevent accidental contact with discharge points is just the start. A safety on/off switch is also be incorporated into its design.

Understanding the Effects of Stun Guns

Using this product for half a second can cause slight pain and will definitely startle your attacker. Make it last a second or two more and that would cause mental confusion and muscle spasm. If it lasts three to five seconds, that would lead to mental disorientation and confusion. Now, with the Double Down Stun Gun, imagine having the effect doubled!

Love it.
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