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Door and Window Alarm

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The days of cumbersome, unattractive window and door alarms are over! Using magnetic affinity to initiate its 110db siren, this door and window alarm will alert you whenever one is opened.

The days of cumbersome, unattractive window and door alarms are over!

door and window alarmsUsing magnetic affinity to initiate its 110db siren, this door and window alarm will alert you when ever a door or window is opened.

The magnetic base of the alarm screws to your frame while the alarm actuator connects to your door or window.

When the door or window is closed, the magnets are connected. If the door or window opens, the magnetic contact is broken and the alarm will sound. Simple but effective home protection.

Provides alarm security to windows, doors, or potential dangerous closets and cabinets in the home.

Great for any door or window, particularly those hard to protect sliding glass doors (patio). Requires 3 lithium button cell batteries (included).

  • Small, attractive alarm.
  • Fool-proof magnetic connectors.
  • Ear-piercing 110 db siren.

On/Off switch allows you to turn off mini alarm when not needed. 2 1/2 inches tall x 1 1/4 inches wide.

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How Magnetic Door Alarms Work

You Don't Want This to Happen!When you install a magnetic door alarm to any door in your home, it will emit a shrill sound every time the specified door is opened and it will only cease when the door is closed. Burglars and vandals are sure to flee your home immediately when they realize that the alarm has alerted home occupants to their presence.

Quick and Easy Installation All you need is double stick tape and your magnetic door alarm is ready to act as your 24/7 bodyguard. Make sure, however, that the distance between the sensor and the magnetic door alarm is no greater than half an inch.

Benefits of Magnetic Door Alarms

Here are several reasons why magnetic door alarms make an ideal home security device.

Affordable Why spend so much money on other home security devices when you can get the same result from magnetic door alarms?

User-Friendly They are very easy to operate. It comes with a on-off switch for instant activation and deactivation.

Discreet Design Unlike other home security devices, magnetic door alarms do not stand out like eyesores in an otherwise beautifully decorated room. They are not that much different from wall-mounted switches in terms of appearance. When you install them on top of the door, they might as well be unnoticeable. They’ll also be out of your children’s reach, which is a good thing because they won’t be able to accidentally deactivate the alarm.

How Magnetic Door Alarms Can Help You Besides deterring potential intruders, magnetic door alarms can also protect your loved ones – especially if you have children at home – from other dangers.

Prevent Entry through Windows Magnetic door alarms may also be used on windows, another commonly used entry point by intruders. You can place them on top of the window and cover them partially with blinds or curtains to hide them from view.

Protect Individuals with Special Needs or Disabilities Elderly loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s, children with special needs, and other similar cases require constant supervision. There may be times, however, when your attention strays even for the shortest moment. Unfortunately, that’s long enough for them to go missing. Don’t wait for this to happen. Use magnetic door alarms to alert you when your loved one attempts to leave the safety of your home.

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