Door Entry Alarm

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Protects both metal & wooden doors. When the door is touched from the outside, you'll know it!

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In order to gain easy access to your home, burglars will first try your door to see if it is unlocked. With this product protecting you, as soon as they touch the doorknob, this alarm will sound off alerting you to their attempt at entry.

This entry alarm utilizes dual-sensing technology to enable it to protect both metal & wooden doors. For wooden doors with metal knobs, the touch sensor will detect a person touching the outside doorknob and will instantly emit a loud 110 dB alarm to scare him away and alert you to the attempted entry.

Attempted Door Entry

Entrance Alarm for Your Door

Even if he is wearing gloves, the Pro-Tec-Door Entry Alarm will sound as soon as the outside knob is touched. For metal barriers or those with wooden or plastic knobs, the vibration sensor will detect the attempted forced entry. You can use the chime mode at home to notify you of visitors or in a business to announce customers.

  • Works on any type, including metal doors and plastic doorknobs
  • Touch sensor detects when someone touches the outside handle, even with gloves on
  • Vibration sensor detects any attempted forced entry
  • Loud 110dB alarm
  • Scares away intruders before even entering your home
  • Alarm or pleasant chime modes can be selected
  • Completely wireless with a battery life of approximately 15,000 hours
  • Compact and light, great for travel
  • Simply hang over the knob, no wiring required
  • Requires (3) AAA batteries

 Works on all types of doors!

In Chime mode, activating the unit will cause the chime to sound twice and the unit will reset itself in 30 seconds.

In Alarm mode, it will sound continuously for 60 seconds and rearm itself after a 6-second delay.

Low Battery Warning: The three (3) AAA batteries can last approximately 1500 hours in standby mode. If the batteries are running low, a beeping sound will indicate it is time to change the batteries.

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Door Entry Alarm Instructions (door-entry-alarm-instructions-swpta.pdf, 95 Kb) [Download]

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I feel the door alarms provide a valuable additional level of security. They were easy to set up and upon testing, they give off a very loud, piercing alarm that I do believe would scare away a potential intruder. At the very least, the alarm would allow ample warning for me to prepare to defend myself with the Wildfire Pepper Gel I also purchased.

Thank you.

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