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Do you need to stop a door from opening? This will do it!


Do you need to stop your door from opening? The dual function security bar is a strong 20 gauge steel adjustable door brace that installs easily under the doorknob and provides added security for your home, business or college dorm room. Adjustable from 24-46 inches.

Door Security BarThe Door Brace Prevents it from Opening

The steel bar adjusts to fit most hinged doors and one of the rubber end caps can be removed to allow for use on sliding glass patios as well. Clean, baked enamel finish makes this attractive for in-house use.

This is the original Mace Brand safety bar with the sure stop rubber tip, it's not plastic.

This device can be used to stop school doors from being opened.

For Inward-Swinging Doors - Adjustable length will fit just about any door and prevent it from being opened. Every school should have one of these in their classrooms.

This is also an effective locking mechanism you can use while traveling. With the device in place, you don't have to worry about someone coming into your room even if they have a key. As seen in The Following: The FBI agents used one of these in one of their safe houses to bar the door from being opened from the outside.

Ever been to a motel and all of the sudden you hear someone trying to get in? The desk clerk assigns your room to someone else and gives them a key as well!

They won't get in with the door jammer preventing it. Gives you time to call the front desk or the police if necessary.

Door Brace Features

  • Ideal for Home, Dormitory, & More
  • Rugged 20-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Adjusts to Fit Most Standard Doors
  • Collapsible, Easy-To-Store Design
  • Works on Sliding Glass

Door Security Bar

This is an extra layer of protection and security and is useful for just about any entryway. It can make you not only "feel" safer but actually "be" safer. It would take an awful lot to break in with one of these in place and in doing so would cause an awful lot of noise.

You would have plenty of warning to call the police and arm yourself before they actually got in.

Mace Big Jammers provide added security against forced entry from intruders. The security brace is ideal for home, apartment, dorm, and office use. The Big Jammer is adjustable to fit most hinged in-swinging openings and installs easily by wedging under the knob to prevent forced opening.

The rubber end caps can be removed and the brace quickly adapted for securing sliding glass openings. The Big Jammer is collapsible and easy to store, making it portable and a great choice for motel travelers. Stay safe with a Mace Big Jammer... Do-It-Yourself Home Protection!

Installing the Door Brace

Very easy to install. Watch video below:

Brace Yourself: Your Guide to Buying a Security Door Brace

Sure, there are dangers out there, but does that mean you won't live your life to the fullest? You don't have to let fear dictate your life. When it comes to invasions and break-ins, the best way to ensure your safety is to secure your enclosures entry points. In this article, learn how you can use a door brace to create a secure safe-room in seconds.

There are many reasons and options for improving your home security. Ideally, your home or building has a security system and window alarms to alert authorities in the event of a break-in. However, that is rarely the case.

Most residential buildings feature minimal security elements like alarms and cameras. Even those that have such systems are not impenetrable. Apartment complexes may feature a coded entry-gate, but once inside the complex security measures become much more physical.

This is also true of residential homes, office buildings, and schools. Physical means, like locks, door chains, and deadbolts, secure entry points.

Security Door Brace - The First and Best Line of Defense

Most often, thieves attempt break-ins and invasions through doors. Hence, you lock your doors at night, but what about in broad daylight? What about public buildings where you can't control who comes and goes? Often, a perpetrator is one with personal access to the location where a crime takes place.

On April 20, 1999, the Columbine High School shooters entered the school through open doors. By the time the school knew what was happening, only a classroom, library, close, and cafeteria door stood between the shooters and victims.

In the years since that tragedy, many more mass shootings have taken place, in schools and public spaces, without safer infrastructural security measures being implemented. Since Columbine, the Washington Post reports that school shootings have impacted over 200,000 students.

Today, a fallacious argument is being made for teachers to carry guns in schools. Indeed, the same logic applies to those who argue for open carry laws. The impulse to protect oneself and their loved ones are just. But, fighting guns with guns ends up with more people shot. The more firearms present, the more innocent bystanders whose lives are at risk.

A firearm is not an adequate first line of defense. If the shooter cannot get in, they can't hurt you. Outfit your classroom, home, office, or hotel room with a security measure that will provide true protection from invaders: a door brace.

The Reason for a Door Security Bar

The Locked-Door Conundrum

Isn't your home or offices door strong enough to keep out intruders? Well, no. A special report by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) from 2010 looked at victim statistics in household burglaries. Almost 30% of the time, a member of the house was home when the burglary occurred.

The only way to ensure your safety is to keep out the danger. Criminals can pick locks, disable security systems, and, if all else fails, gain entry by brute force. Brute force invasion presents the most threat for traditional door locks and deadbolts. At the end of the day, enough force will open a locked door--but not a braced door.

What is a Door Brace?

Ever seen a movie where someone runs into a room and shoves the back of a chair under the doorknob to keep someone from coming through? A door brace is the better version of that. The principle is the same, but if you've ever tried the chair method you'll know that it's harder than it looks.

A security door brace is purpose-built to secure your door from unwanted entry. The design of the brace varies, depending on the level of security and mobility you need. Door braces, jammers, and bars reinforce inward swinging doors against kick-ins and brute force entry.

The majority of door braces accommodate doors that open into a room, but not doors that open out. Standard construction practice entails doors designed to swing into a room for the reason of security. Almost all commercial building has doors that are compatible with inward swinging door braces, jammers, and bars.

Simple door jammers are small enough to fit into a purse or bag, which is perfect for traveling and hotels. Heavy duty bracing systems include reinforced hardware that fits on your doors frame, which is great for residential homes. All bracing systems work by increasing the pounds per square inch of pressure that is necessary for an intruder to break the door.

Types of Door Braces

Whether the threat is burglary, home invasion, mass shootings, or lockdowns, door braces enable you to barricade any door. Door bracing comes in five main types. The type of door, it's location, which way it swings, and the amount of reinforcement desired is key to choosing the correct security solution.

Portable Door Jammers

If you travel for work and often sleep in a hotel room, a portable door jammer provides a strong deterrent to break-ins. They are ideal for college dorm rooms, urban apartment units, and individual rooms in a residence.

Portable door jammers brace the door from the base. The unit wedges under the far corner of any door that opens inward. Increasing tension on the jammer works to increase the durability of the door to forceful entry.

Portable door jammers come in a range of models. Some have an anti-theft alarm system that alerts you when triggered. These also act as an audio deterrent, producing a loud siren. Portable door braces are great for travel but are not impenetrable. For securing your home, office, or a safe-room a more durable system is preferable.

Door Security Bars

Door security bars are similar to door jammers but more secure. Like the jammers, security bars are portable and lightweight. The units collapse to a portable size of around two feet, and measure between one to two inches wide. Like the movie, with the chair under the handle, door security bars do the same thing.

The bar extends at a 45-degree angle, down from the door handle. The top end fits under the doorknob or handle, and the bottom end angles to produce tension between the door and the floor.

Door security bars are stronger than jammers because they produce a wider angle of resistance. They do not fit in a bag but provide a higher level of security. When implemented, security bars add hundreds of pounds of resistance to your door. However, they provide a small margin of error when setting up. And, door bars, like jammers, only work on inward swinging doors and sliding doors.

Floor Bolt Locks

The next level of door security bracing is a floor bolt locking system. Whereas a deadbolt provides secure resistance on the far swinging side of the door, floor bolts provide a secure lock to the doors bottom edge. An additional bolt can attach to the top side of the door, parallel to the floor bolt.

The system features a vertically sliding bolt, which brackets to the bottom edge of the door. From the closed position, a locksmith drills an adjacent hole underneath the bolts location. A steel bracket with a pre-drilled hole goes over the bracket slot and fitted flush to the floor. When the bolt slides into the bracket slot beneath.

The resistance pressure afforded by floor bolts depends on the size of the bolt. Small bolts look nice for bedrooms but provide less resistance to intruders. Larger floor bolt systems are perfect for entryway doors and backdoors. Since most door bracing systems only work for inward swinging doors, floor bolt locks are the best system to reinforce outward swinging doors.

Door Barricade Bars

Barricade bar systems are simple to install and effective for securing inward swinging doors. It is a method of security invented thousands of years ago. The system involves three parts: two brackets, and a barricade bar.

The system requires you to place a three-sided bracket to the right and left of an inward swinging door. In the olden days, a hardwood timber would fit inside the level brackets. When the barricade bar is in place, the door cannot open. Today, door barricade bar systems are made of reinforced steel.

These systems are perfect for securing an entry point to your home or office. It is also a strong reinforcement to bedrooms and safe-rooms. Many systems feature a hinged barricade bar that enables you to lock it down in seconds. Combine a door barricade bar with floor bolt locks to create the strongest defense against unwanted entry.

Door Closer Security Covers

Most homes do not come with door closers, but they are very common in offices, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. Door closers are the devices with triangular arms attached to the top inner corner of doors. They provide tension resistance when opening, automatically close the door and can lock.

When the door closer and deadbolt lock, it provides a significant boost to your doors security. The added resistance is, in part, due to the triangular shape of the arm design. When the unit locks with a security cover, entry is impossible without dismantling the door.

However, with enough force, this system will give way. By implementing an additional door barricade system, the door closer durability increases.

TIP: Reinforce the Door Frame

The integrity of your doors security is only as strong as the weakest piece of hardware. If you have an impenetrable door attached to cardboard, it won't put up much of a fight against an intruder. If you are installing any type of door brace system we recommend you reinforce the frame of the door. Reinforced door frames improve your door brace's durability and increase the strength of resistance.

Final Thoughts

Secure the safety of your home and office by designing a secure space that works to ensure your peace of mind. New door brace systems, are being developed for schools, workplaces, and residences by inspired individuals. They represent a non-violent solution for circumstances beyond your control. Secure yourself by implementing a door brace system. It is the first and last line of defense against unwanted intruders.

If you want to protect yourself and your family, check out our new items today. We have everything you need to secure your home.

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