Diversion Safes

Everybody has that one eccentric uncle or grandparent that thinks their money and valuables are not safe in a bank. So they hide these throughout the house in inconspicuous places that they feel no one will think to look: in between a mattress, in an old coffee can, in the middle of a book...all different kinds of places.

These disguised diversion safes really are great super secret hiding spots...so maybe doing that isn't so eccentric after all!

Hidden Safes or Diversion safes are regular looking objects that have hidden compartments inside.

Hollowed Out Book Safe

We happen to carry items just like what your Uncle Bob or your Pappy uses to hide their wads of $100 bills! We call them Diversion Safes, or Hidden Safes...and they are made out of everyday household items...like a coffee can or a book or even a decoy can of shaving cream!

Why should you buy one of these for your goodies instead of using your own can of hairspray? Well, the insides of the ones we carry are specially made just to hide your prized possessions.

Each one is hollowed out to create a "cubby" for putting valuables in. Some of the secret safes feel heavy, to help make the item seem full - such as the soda can, or the peanut butter jar - because, of course, a can of Coke should be full if it's sitting in the fridge!

Secret stash containers will blend in wherever you need to hide something.

Pappy is actually a genius if you think about it...all this time he has been using his own home as a vault, hiding his stash almost right in plain sight. How much time do you think a burglar can actually spend looking through things like that when pressed for time? He sure doesn't have all day to dig through every single thing in a house to find the loot. He will be in and out, only taking what he can see. Who would think to look inside a can of Fruit Cocktail or a canister of Morton Salt for a diamond ring?

Hide your Valuables in Plain Sight!

Check out all these home safes. They all have hidden compartments built into them to keep your things secure. Click on the product images to see what secrets they hold!