Defending your Livelihood

Posted by   Steve Thibeault
Defending Your Livelihood

We all depend on our jobs making us money so we can pay bills, have fun, and just live. Same as we provide resources to protect ourselves from a physical personal attack, we should all actively ensure we are doing what we can to defend against the loss of income from retirement, disability, or to just make sure we have that little extra when we do retire. This is called defending your livelihood.

If you’re putting money away already, good for you. The years go by fast and you want to be prepared when your working years do come to an end. Many people have retirement plans through their work. Many people do not. If you fall into the latter, then getting something going to add to a savings plan is a wise choice and being responsible.

As in anything in life, doing something new is change. And change is not something a lot of people like. But if you found something that would fit into your life and you enjoyed doing it (or at least not minded it), and wasn’t a whole lot of work, wouldn’t that be something you would do to help yourself later on?

How Can You Defend Your Livelihood?

There are many ways and numerous opportunities to increase your earnings. The key is to find something you can get behind and be enthusiastic about making yourself some extra dough. Today I’d like to talk about a specific niche that is simple but could make you that additional money.

Selling Pepper SprayWithin the self defense arena, no product has more sales and impulse buys than pepper spray. Because it is so inexpensive, yet powerfully effective, it’s a no-brainer to most people to buy a pepper spray for self defense.

While recognizing that most everyone could be a potential customer of yours, you should really focus your energies on a specific group so as to have the most success in selling your product.

One under served niche that gives you broad exposure is gas stations and convenience stores. These places have a consistent supply of new customers that come in and are already there to spend money. With dozens or more potential sales each and every day, selling pepper sprays to gas stations and convenience stores gives you a large base of customers that you don’t even have to interact with. In fact, you only have one customer and that is the store owner or manager.

Setting up a route between your home and place of work, you could stop into these stores and offer to set up a display of pepper sprays on the counter. As a high impulse item, they won’t last long and you’ll need to come back to replenish the store. You make money on the single bulk sale to the manager, and the store makes money every time someone comes to the counter and picks up one of the sprays to add to their purchase.

Defending Your Livelihood

You could make your own route on your way home from work or you could go out on the weekends to do your business of collecting money and delivering more product. Once you get a store to carry your sprays, you can be sure that you have a consistent customer who will be glad to see you when you come in to replace their sold inventory.

You make money, the store makes money, and people have a cheap and easy way to protect themselves. There are not many people serving this market, and competition in your location will be slim to none. Most store owners are happy to display a product that sells out on a regular basis. Wouldn’t you?

This can be a regular source of income for you and you can expand your area to increase your profits even more. While you’ll be earning extra income, you’ll also be preparing for retirement when you put your profits in to your savings account. And that’s the ultimate goal in the first place!

If you’d like additional information or to get started in this profitable niche market, please visit: You’ll be surprised how simple and easy it actually is to start making that little bit of extra funds you can put away for a rainy day.


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