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Crimes and Self Defense Products

Posted by   Steve Thibeault
Crime and Self Defense

Crimes have existed far longer than the laws that are designed to control and punish them.  Over the years, communities have refined ways with which to fight crime.  With self awareness came the need for self protection and the appearance of self defense products, if only to protect oneself from the physical harm associated with certain crimes.  Today, self defense products have come a long way - from the most cleverly disguised tools to gadgets using the latest technology.  But can the presence and availability of these items deter crime or at best, discourage it?

Crimes and Self Defense Products

The statistics are sobering enough: every 10 seconds, at least 3 crimes involving property occur.  Every 15 to 20 seconds, a home gets burglarized.  Dozens of crimes against persons occur every hour, attacks that very often involve physical assault.  The fact is that majority of these crimes are preventable, if only the victims had enough knowledge, skills and access to a defensive tool.

Self defense products not only serve to stop an attacker, they are also effective for deterring any attacks.  A home with a surveillance and alarm system, for example, is least likely to be considered an easy target for burglars than a house that doesn't have any kind of protection.

Many security devices have also figured in helping solve crimes.  Hidden cameras and other surveillance systems have helped record and monitor criminal activities, identify suspects and victims and help police in stopping and arresting the criminal.

Can protection products promote aggression?

Protection products are designed to empower people and protect themselves, their loved ones and their property.  These products are not meant to be used to initiate an attack - only to prevent, parry or deter.

Furthermore, many of these items are restricted by state or federal laws.  The use of stunguns, tear gas and pepper sprays, for example, are limited for use by law.  The stopping power of these products is also designed to ensure that they are used in non lethal ways.

The Bottomline

Crime can and will exist with or without anyone owning or using something to defend themselves with. The point here is, why bother allowing yourself to be victimized if, through the use of something, you could minimize the chances that you could be attacked or hurt?  A simple gadget can actually even help you survive an attack.

Furthermore, people who own and use self defense products are generally more confident. As a result, they are not viewed by would-be attackers as vulnerable or weak.  Knowing that you can protect and defend yourself against an attack is often an effective means to curb crime.  Quite simply, protective items make it difficult for crime to occur.


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