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Choosing a Hidden Camera for Home

Hidden cameras have been a game changer since becoming widely available in the market. Thanks to advances in technology, parents, business owners and concerned homeowners can now monitor their children, workplace, and houses to ensure safety.

However, a hidden camera needs to be chosen with care, or it won't be able to perform the desired function. The list below outlines what a home or business owner should consider when looking at hidden cameras for sale.

Who needs a hidden camera instead of a regular security camera?

Choosing a Hidden Camera for HomeWhether a hidden camera or a visible security camera should be used depends on the needs of the client. Visible security cameras are great to deter unwanted or illegal activity. So, if a deterrent is wanted, then the security camera should be used.

However, if unwanted activity is suspected, but it needs to be captured, then a hidden camera might be the way to go. Today, hidden cameras can be secreted away in everything from teddy bears to clocks. If chosen well, the intended suspect will never know that his/her behavior was being recorded.

What factors should be considered when choosing a hidden camera?

There are hundreds of hidden cameras available on the market today, and not all of them are created equal. Before making a purchase, home and business owners should carefully consider the following factors:

- Lighting

Some cameras will not work well in low light or no light. Sure, home and business owners can try to add more lighting to the area, but there is always the risk the intended subject will just turn the lights off again. Unless a source of light is guaranteed, it might be best to choose a model that works well in the shadows.

- Distance

Ideally, the camera will be placed right next to the intended subject. However, if the subject is going to move around a lot, then a camera with a wide angle should be used.

- Power Source

Ideally, the camera should be plugged in to remove the risk of a power loss. If proper placement of the camera doesn't allow a plug to be used, then the client should consider how much battery life the camera will need.

- Memory

Clients need to consider how much footage will be captured before the data can be downloaded. If the camera doesn't have enough memory, then the camera may shut off prematurely. In some cases, a wireless hidden camera may solve the issue of memory storage.

- Motion activated

If only a very small amount of activity needs to be captured, a break-in perhaps, then a motion activated hidden camera might be the best choice. Otherwise, the client will need to review hours of footage every day.

However, motion activated cameras need to be well placed to ensure that they are tripped by the intended subject. If a good placement can't be found, then it might be best to purchase a traditional hidden camera.


Hidden cameras for home and business use need to blend seamlessly into their environment; an oddly placed object will attract unwanted attention. Additionally, the client needs to be sure that the intended subject won't move the hidden camera. For instance, if the camera inside a fan is placed on the subject's desk, the subject might move the fan to make room to perform work thus obstructing the camera's view.

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