Inexpensive Stun Guns

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Cheap Stun Guns

Finding the right device for personal defense these days can be tricky. Rape whistles call for help but do nothing to stop your assailant. Pepper spray is effective, but the wind has been known to blow it off course. Cheap stun guns, however, are small but powerfully effective self-defense products that will both surprise and disable your attacker.

Cheap Stun Gun

An inexpensive model doesn't have to mean bad quality. Models such as the Lil Guy (shown above) and The Runt are effective self-defense weapons. They are easily concealable and would definitely surprise an attacker. Catching an attacker off guard can mean the difference between your security and you getting mugged or even seriously hurt.

Although the lower voltage models usually mean less power, you can still hold off an attacker by holding it on them for a few more seconds. Just because a stun gun is inexpensive doesn't mean it doesn't work. Lower voltages just require more time to have their full effect. But there are plenty of highly effective models that don't cost that much.


It's an electrical device that can quickly and effectively immobilize an attacker. It is small, easy to carry and conceal, runs off of regular or rechargeable batteries, and is usually under $80, sometimes as little as $20. It is an excellent non-lethal self-defense weapon.


Although given a fancy, high tech name that sounds like something out of science fiction, a stun gun is a fairly simple device. It is a small, rectangular device with two electrical contacts on one end. When the two contacts are placed against a conductor (like the human body), the electrical current flows from one contact, and through the body to the other.

Blue Slider Stun Gun is Less than $20.00

When pressed against an attacker, a charge of high-voltage (but low amperage) electricity is dumped into the human body at a high pulse frequency. This causes the muscles to contract and expand very quickly (but not efficiently). This rapid cycle drains the muscles of blood sugar (by converting it to lactic acid) in just a few seconds. A good analogy would be doing so many push-ups you can't do anymore, and your muscles are then too tired to do much else.

This is the effect a stun gun has on your attacker. Your attacker is also left confused, off-balance, and disoriented for a few minutes because the stun gun's electrical charge disrupts the tiny neurological impulses in the body that control muscle movement. This will give you time to get away, and makes your attacker think twice about pursuing you.


Being hit with a stun device is painful, disorientating, and immobilizing, but causes no permanent damage. It causes no damage to the heart or other organs and is not lethal.

You will not be shocked; even if you are touching your attacker at the same time you are shocking them.


There is a wide range of prices, depending on size, shape, power, and various features. Generally, they are less than $80.


'Cheap' does not mean 'poor quality'. However, they may be smaller and less powerful. You may have to keep it in contact with your attacker for a few more seconds to achieve the same effect; on the other hand, however, you should always maintain contact with your assailant as long as possible for maximum effect before trying to escape. And, of course, having a lower-powered stun gun is still better than having none at all.

The Stun Master series puts out high-voltage and has a reputation for being durable and reliable. Selling for around $25.00 depending on the model, the Stun Master series delivers a winning combination of low price and high power.

Don't underestimate the value of a cheap stun gun. If you are low on cash but still want to have an effective and non-lethal self-defense weapon with you, consider a less expensive model. Just realize that you will have to stand up to your attacker and maintain contact a bit longer than with a more expensive and powerful model.

Want to know how stun guns work?


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