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Car Seat Alarm

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Originally designed as an electronic child leash so your young one doesn't wander off too far in the shopping mall or in the park, the Child Guard used as a car seat alarm is the perfect answer for helping prevent baby deaths inside hot vehicles.

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There's been a lot of news lately about parents forgetting that their child is in the car as they go to work. 

The car seat alarm is a simple device that can
prevent leaving your child in a hot car.

Especially in the summertime, the inside of a vehicle can gain 30-40 degrees in the course of just an hour. On a typical 72 degree day, that makes it well over a hundred degrees on the inside of the car.

A baby stuck in a car for even just a few minutes at this temperature can quickly overwhelm his or her little body. These severe temperatures can cause extreme dehydration, heat stroke, and will eventually cause the death of the poor child.

How can a parent forget about their kid in the backseat?

A lot of times, it's one parent who takes on the everyday task of dropping off and picking up children from daycare. Mom (or Dad) is used to the route...they stop at the daycare, drop the kids off, then off to work. It's a regular schedule, repeated every day, and not easy to forget.

So when the other parent unexpectedly needs to drive with the baby, forgetting to stop at the daycare isn't so unusual. Especially if the baby is sleeping and not making any sounds. It's not a regular schedule; it can be easy to forget. Car seats are designed to be in the back seat because that's the safest place for them to be (out of sight - out of mind). 

How does the car seat alarm work?

With a baby car seat alarm, you may forget to stop at the day care, but once you've reached your destination, you won't forget the baby is in the back seat! 

The car seat alarm is very simple to operate. Just attach the wrist (transmitter) unit to the car seat and keep the parent (receiver/alarm) unit with you. Then just turn on both units. You won't be able to be separated without a reminder alarm going off.

This tiny alarm will sound off if you walk away from your vehicle without your baby.

This "baby in the back seat reminder" has a range that's adjustable up to 100 feet. You can adjust it to avoid false alarms (like stepping out of your car to get gas).

Set it so the alarm goes off when you've taken several steps away from the vehicle. Connect the parent unit to your keychain, carry it inside your purse or slip it into your pocket. And that's're all set. You will not be able to leave your child and walk away from your car without hearing the alarm sound.

No more accidentally leaving the baby in the car!

This past week I came way too close to a nightmare. I have read about people leaving children in hot cars, but never thought it would happen to me. I am educated, organized, and usually have everything put together. Well this mother of four almost made the worst mistake of my life. Thank God that my story comes with a happy ending, but that doesn’t erase the memory of seeing my little baby scared and locked in a hot car. The first thing I did was look to see what devices were out there to avoid this situation again. With my marketing background, I am disappointed in the lack of advertising and knowledge of what is out there. I would honestly like to see this product on everyone’s baby registry. I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for providing this product for parents. I would love to help in anyway advertise your product. For all of us moms that think it won’t happen to them, I am living proof that it can take one day of being out of your normal schedule to throw you completely off. Best of luck!
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