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Can Safe

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Who would've thought a can of air freshener could hide your most precious things?


This can safe is made from an air freshener container. You unscrew the bottom and place your valuables inside.

Everyone has a bunch of household cleaners underneath their sink. What burglar is going to go through everyday cleaning supplies looking for something of value? None that we've ever heard of. Unless they're going to clean your home, your cleaning supplies are pretty safe.

The household can diversion safe is made from an everyday item that naturally goes underneath the sink. The bottom of the can safe unscrews to reveal your secret hiding spot. Put what you want to hide inside, screw the bottom back on and place it right under the kitchen or bathroom sink. You'll be the only one who knows what's really there.

Can Safe

Colors and design may vary due to manufacturer changes but these are genuine, off the shelf products.

Can Safe

Inside Dimensions of Can Safe: 3 3/4" x 1 3/8"

The floor is yours!

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