Burglar Deterrent: The Best Ways to Scare Burglars Away

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Burglar Deterrent

Recent burglary statistics don’t exactly paint a positive picture.

Indeed, 22 million burglaries happen in the US each year, at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes.

Those are scary numbers! Each and every day, hardworking people just like you are having their homes broken into and robbed. In the process, they’re losing cash, valuables, and items of sentimental value.

In these troubling times we’re living in, it’s important to take measures to protect yourself, your family, and your property from wrongdoing. Finding effective ways to safeguard your house from thieves is crucial for preventing robberies.

What burglar deterrent works best?

Thankfully, there are heaps of ways to deter these criminals. The trick is finding the one that’s right for you. Want help in that endeavor?

Read on to discover 7 top ways to scare would-be burglars away.

1. Get a Dog

There’s nothing quite like a loud and vicious-looking guard dog to scare away potential intruders.

They hear the bark, see the fangs, and decide they’ve got better things to do.

Get a Dog to Help Protect Your Home

Of course, your dog might be as passive as they come. They might be more interested in cuddling an intruder than attacking them. It doesn’t matter though. After all, the would-be thief doesn’t know that!

Most burglars will be naturally wary of entering a property with a hound present.

The possibility of being attacked is one thing. However, they’ll also be afraid of them sounding the alarm. All dogs can bark and draw attention to the thief. That potentiality is often enough to dissuade burglars from taking the risk.

2. Have a Dog Warning Sign

Don’t want the commitment of having a dog?

Well, oftentimes, you might not actually need one to scare an intruder away.

You could just put up a warning sign on the front gate, claiming there’s a dog inside. Sure, it’s a blatant lie, but they don’t know that. Sure, they could venture inside anyway and try their luck.

Put up a Dog Sign

But keep in mind that most burglars want an easy ride. They’re opportunists by nature, preying on vulnerable (or absent-minded) individuals who can’t (or haven’t) been able to adequately safeguard their property.

Even the potential of a dog being on the other side of the door can convince someone it isn’t worth the effort or risk.

3. Install CCTV and Signs

Closed-circuit television is another fantastic deterrent against crime.

More and more businesses and individuals are taking to installing it in and around their property. With video surveillance up and running you can keep an eye out for trouble at all times.


You can often link them with your smartphone too. That way, you can be anywhere in the world and see what’s going on at home.

Better still, the footage being recorded can help you catch, identify and prosecute the criminals.

Heck, a bit like the warning sign scenario above, you could even put the signs up without the cameras. It might be enough to put someone off their burglary attempt.

4. Spot Lights

Needless to say, burglars do not want to be caught in the act.

They take as many precautions as possible to go unnoticed, such as waiting for night time, or hiding in your yard until they get their chance to strike.

From a burglar’s perspective, light is the enemy. The cover of darkness hides their presence and helps them remain elusive. They can break in, steal what they want, and leave without detection.

Unless that is, you’ve got giant spotlights in the yard that trigger via a motion detector.

The thief can only get so far before being lit up like an actor on stage. Combine that with CCTV and you’re onto a winning deterrent.

5. Locked Doors and Shut Windows

Sometimes the best deterrents are the simplest.

Install quality locking mechanisms, remember to shut and lock the door properly, and close all windows before leaving the house. Those three things will be a major help in deterring burglars.

Indeed, scary as it sounds, almost three-quarters of thieves saunter in through the front door!

A solid lock (that can’t be jimmied or picked with ease) and zero window access equate to hard work for an opportunist thief. They see what’s going on and figure it isn’t worth the effort. They’ll move onto a house with lower quality security.

6. Alarms

A home security system is another great option at your disposal.

Just as light can deter a criminal, so too can sound.

Set the alarm on your doors and windows before leaving the house and (assuming they don’t have the code). With this in place, would-be thieves stand a high chance of getting caught. They enter the property and trigger the alarm, letting everybody for miles know what’s going on.

A Sound Alarm

They’d be foolish to stick around.

Again, put signs up to let people in the vicinity know you’ve got an alarm system in place. Whether it’s armed or not, the threat of it sounding may deter a would-be burglar.

7. Pretend You’re Home

It takes a bold (and somewhat dumb) burglar to rob a house with people in it.

The vast majority wait for an empty property before making their move. It equates to far less chance of being caught in the act.

As such, sending the impression that someone’s home at all times can be another worthy deterrent.

Imagine going away on vacation. Put lights on a timer to turn on in the evenings, have a neighbor come by to collect your mail, and don’t broadcast your trip to the world.

Oh, and don’t leave a spare key out somewhere obvious! Leave it with a trusted friend or neighbor, and ask them to check up on things while you’re away.

Decide Upon a Burglar Deterrent

Burglaries are occurring at a frightening rate in America at the moment.

It makes absolute sense to take precautionary measures. Installing a burglar deterrent (or two, or three) from this list will help you do exactly that.

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