Darts - 250 Pack

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This is a large 250 pack size of the sharpened wire target dart.


This is a large 250 pack size of the sharpened wire target dart. These blow gun darts are fun to practice with and by purchasing these in this larger size, you will have plenty to play with. 4 inches long.

250 Pk Target Darts

250 count Blow Gun Target Darts.

Target practice with a blow gun is easy to set up. With these kinds of darts, you can set up a foam target by taping an old piece of foam to a board and then propping it up so the face of it is towards you.

If you have a hammer, some nails, and few pieces of 2x4, you can make it into a stand that sits a bit higher. Either way makes it easy to move around and place in different locations and distances.

To start getting accurate with your blow gun, set your target out about 5-10 yards and practice your shooting technique. Hold the blowgun the same way every time you shoot and try to keep the same sight picture each time as well. This keeps you consistent.

From then, you are just going to have to practice shooting at the target until you start to become accurate consistently. It doesn't take long before you can hit what you want every single time. Once you can hit almost every time, move it out another 10 yards and start over getting your accuracy down.

I was able to become an expert with this weapon in one afternoon, able to hit the target at various distances every single time. Must have been one of the benefits of this weapon to the aboriginal tribes: easy to use and very simple to be an accurate shooter.

The darts were ok. I ordered two packs of 250. The first pack had hard plastic tops. The second one had rubber tops. The hard plastic tops were difficult to put on. Once they were on they shot nice. The rubber ones were easy to put on, but shot poorly.

The darts worked much better than the ones that came with the blow gun. It was easy to hit the racoons with them.
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