6 Best NonLethal Self Defense Products That Will Fit In Your Purse

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Non Lethal Self Defense Products - Pepper Spray

No one likes to think about being the victim of an attack. But it can happen to anyone.

Luckily, there's a way to protect yourself if that moment comes. All you need is the right self-defense weapon.

There are many different non-lethal safety tools. They're designed to let you arm yourself while also fitting right in your purse or bag.

Here's your guide to the 10 best non-lethal self-defense products on the market.

Non-Lethal Self Defense Products

Before choosing the product for you, you should know what a non-lethal self-defense weapon is.

"Non-lethal" weapons are any tools that can inflict harm but are less likely to kill an attacker. They're built to intimidate and deter a person from harming you.

Not everyone feels comfortable carrying a more dangerous weapon. Non-lethal weapons let you protect yourself while minimizing harm against individuals.

These weapons are still as effective in stopping an attack. They're also small enough to fit anywhere, including your purse. Great non-lethal weapons are easy to grab in the event of an attack.

Please remember, you should only use self-defense weapons in life-threatening circumstances.

1. Stun Gun

Many people opt to carry stun guns as a method of defense.

These tools produce electrical power that stuns an attacker for several seconds. They're used to aim at a specific target and trigger. After the gun immobilizes a target, there's enough time for an individual to get to safety.

non lethal stun gun

There are a variety of stun guns. They come in different sizes and voltages. These make great non-lethal weapons because they're small enough to fit in a bag without taking up a lot of space.

2. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is another popular non-lethal self-defense weapon. It's a quick and simple to use method that's proven to be effective against attackers.

In the event of an attack, pepper spray halts an attacker. Chemicals in the spray irritate a person's eyes and skin and cause serious pain. This slows a target down and gives you time to remove yourself from the dangerous situation.

Non Lethal Purse Pepper Spray

There are pepper sprays that are lightweight and concealable. Most also have safety features that prevent you from discharging them by accident.

Some pepper sprays come in clever disguises, such as the lipstick pepper spray.

3. Self-Defense Key Chains

One of the best self-defense weapons to carry is the self-defense key chain.

These key chains come in different kinds. Some work as stun guns, knives, or pepper sprays.

Another effective and nonviolent option is the keychain alarm. This product triggers a loud alarm to alert others of a potential attack. It increases the likelihood that someone will come and help you if you're in danger.

self defense keychain

A keychain alarm may also work to scare and deter an attacker. This item fits into a bag and does not look like a self-defense tool. The only drawback of the alarm keychain is that it can't be used as a weapon to defend against an attacker.

Carrying a keychain will bring comfort and a sense of security while walking or traveling at night.

4. Tactical Knife

One of the most powerful non-lethal self-defense weapons is the tactical knife. Any knife can cause severe injury or harm but is not necessarily deadly. This will depend on the circumstances of the attack.

Some states have laws against the carrying of knives. In general, however, they're more accepted than firearms.

Pen Knife for Purse

Knives are effective for injuring or intimidating assailants. Many different types of knives vary in size and blade type. An ideal self-defense knife will be small and easy to conceal in your purse.

If you're planning on purchasing a knife for self-defense, make sure to learn how to use it. This will minimize the risk of accidentally harming yourself or others.

5. Tactical Pen

The tactical pen is one of the effective hidden self-defense weapons. The tool disguises itself as a traditional writing pen. This item doubles as a non-lethal defense mechanism and a regular, usable pen.

These pens are good for circumstances where the assailant is standing close to you. It can poke or stab a person in close proximity.

Tactical Pen - Multipurpose Self Defense Tool

If you choose the tactical pen, you should learn how to use it before bringing it out in public. The metal pen comes with a grip for easy use. The pen tip is designed to puncture and injure, so it's important to handle it properly.

The pen is a perfect non-lethal choice for individuals who want an inconspicuous tool. It's the ultimate multipurpose weapon.

6. Flashlight

Another self-defense product that's practical but also powerful is the tactical flashlight.

The light from this particular item disorients an attacker. Depending on the setting, the light will temporarily blind the target. Some flashlights will create a strobe effect which will confuse an assailant.

Tactical Flashlight

It's also useful for illuminating and allowing you to see a threat with clarity.

If necessary, the tactical flashlight is also useful for striking a target. Some self-defense flashlights work as stun guns.

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The perfect non-lethal tool for you will depend on your level of comfort and your needs. For instance, if you're wary of powerful blades, pepper spray or an alarm keychain might be the best choice for you.

These are some of the greatest self-defense products available. But going the extra mile and taking a self-defense class is also a great way to feel safer and more prepared. Classes will also teach you how to wield your non-lethal weapon properly.

For any questions about self-defense products and services, contact us.


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