Bear Spray Holster

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Fits both bear sprays. A holster makes it much easier to carry and have ready on your side when you really need it.


Bear spray holster fits both the Guard Alaska and Mace Brand bear sprays. Your bear protection won't do you much good if it's in the bottom of your pack and you have to sift for it. Carrying it on your belt so it's on your side will greatly improve the speed at which you can pull it out and spray it towards the bear.

If you've startled the bear and he is charging you, you only have a second or two to try and defend yourself. With the spray in the bear spray holster, it will be readily available to you so you can whip it out and stop the bear.

This nylon holster with hook and loop closure will also fit the popular Wildfire brand 9 oz spray. This holster has a belt loop so you can wear it on your side. This way, you'll have it at the ready in case of bear attack.

Bear Spray Holster

Bear Spray Holster

It's just smart to carry bear spray while in their neighborhood. It's where they live and you are an intruder in their home. While they may not mind you being there, if they have cubs around or you are near a food source of theirs, you will be considered a threat and they will defend that with all they have.

If you can't back away or he or she starts to come toward you, then you know you're in trouble and need to protect yourself. You're not going to win a fight against something that size so you better have something on you that can. Just get used to having it on your side at all times when you're out and it will always be there in case you need to use it.  The bear spray holster gives you that option.

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