Are You Afraid to Carry a Stun Gun?

Are You Afraid to Carry a Stun Gun?


Many people are afraid to carry a stun gun because they are afraid they can get stunned by it when they use it. This is far from reality as you'd have to actually touch yourself and press the button in order to get stunned yourself.

If you've ever been to a gun show, you've probably seen a booth or two selling these items. That crackle of electricity going off can certainly sound intimidating. But what it really represents is the power you have in such a small object that can be pumped into an attacker.

Scared to Hold a Stun Gun?

Afraid of Carrying a Stun Gun?If you find yourself a bit intimidated by the whole ordeal, go up to the booth and say you're interested but aren't too sure about carrying one. The dealer will be happy to help you overcome your fear and explain exactly how they work.

You can ask to hold one to get a feel for how it fits in your hand and do a test fire to see exactly what happens. What you'll find is that you don't feel anything. The stun gun itself is shielded from the charge and the only place the juice flows is out the front end where the contact probes are located.

When actually using the stun gun on someone, you would make contact with the person and press the trigger. Even if the assailant is holding or grabbing on to you, you will not feel anything because the effect of it is only going to be where you’re touching the other person with it. And the other person is going to stop what they are doing immediately and try to get away from it.

To be sure, you want to keep holding your self defense weapon against the bad guy for as long as possible. The more you hold it on them, the more effective it will be in draining their energy away and the more apt you are to get away.

Stun Guns Have Shock Value

Not only in the sense of electricity flowing into them but especially as a, "What the Hell Just Happened??!!!" type of shock value. When an unsuspecting person is suddenly overwhelmed by a large amount of voltage going into them, you can be sure they'll be surprised, shaken, taken aback, and basically shocked in awe of what is happening.

You don’t want to give any warning to the bad guy that you have a form of protection on you. You want to take them by surprise when you press the probes against them. Go for the neck, groin, or side of the body and hold it there as long as you can. The underarm would also be a good spot if you were able to jab it up there and keep it there.

Your attacker is going to try to remove themselves from you as quickly as possible. Try to maintain contact while keeping the trigger pressed. As previously mentioned, the longer you keep it on them, the more effective it is.

As soon as the person gets away or otherwise contact is broken… run away! Your stun gun gave you the mechanism you needed to disengage with the attacker and to then get away and get help as fast as you can.

If the person went down, you have extra time to put as much distance between you and them. Get out of there right away and find safety.

Can a stun gun be used against me?

This is another question that is often asked. Many of these devices now have disable pins included with them. The disable pin renders the stun gun inoperable so that it can’t be used against you.

The way they work is there is a wrist strap that fits over your wrist. At the end of the wrist strap is a pin that fits into the bottom of the stun gun. If the device is taken from you, the pin is automatically removed. Once the pin has been removed, the stunner will no longer work.

Look for a model that has a disable pin if this is a concern of yours. One of the best stun guns we have is called The Runt. It is a very powerful model that is small enough to hold comfortably and has a disable pin.

Many women prefer this particular self defense tool because of its size and it having the removable pin. In fact, it is within our top ten best selling items. However, men like it also since it can be easily concealed. With several colors to choose from, it is not gender-specific.

Stun guns are not that expensive yet deliver a powerful form of protection anyone can use to defend themselves. The best way to get over being afraid of one is to just practice with it. Hold it in your hand and activate it. You'll soon find that there is nothing to be afraid of and a lot to be thankful for once you're carrying it on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We'll be happy to answer anything that concerns you.

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