Afraid To Go Outside Alone?

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Afraid to Go Outside Alone?

To many people, venturing outside alone especially at night can instill a fear that can be hard to overcome. With all the news depicting the rising crime, it’s no wonder that feeling safe is something out of reach for a lot of citizens.

Scared to Go Outside?

You hear about crime in the news just about on a daily basis, so your anxiety about going outside alone is well-founded in reality. However, there are some steps you can take to help eliminate your fears. Possessing the mental freedom to walk around and conduct your business, i.e. shopping, walking, jogging, and just going from A to B should be something you can take for granted.

Man Peeking Behind TreeHowever, that’s not to say you should be naive either. You shouldn’t think “it” can never happen to you, but you also shouldn’t have to be concerned that “it” is about to happen to you either. A happy medium can be achieved by taking a few mental and physical steps to prepare yourself for whatever could happen.

Preparing to Leave the Home or Office

First off, you can realize that for the most part, the world is not filled with people out to get you. There are certainly bad people out there, but the majority of people you encounter are just like you. They’re trying to make a living, get the shopping done, visit friends or family, and get healthier by walking or running. They’re just as concerned for their well being as you or anyone else is.

Having to leave the safety of your home or workplace can cause consternation if you are not prepared to deal with the bad elements out there. In most cases, there is really no cause for concern. However, being able to deal with a threat will give you the confidence you need to go about your business. Having a safety product with you that will help you get out of a tough situation is your main line of self defense.

An Effective Form of Self Defense

One of the most effective forms of personal self defense is pepper spray. Made of Oleo Resin Capsicum (OC), this protective spray has been a cornerstone of stopping an assailant for decades. While there are other forms of sprays such as tear gas, real OC spray has the immediate effect you’re looking for. That’s because it is an inflammatory agent and not just an irritant.

Don't be Afraid to Go OutsideWhat that means is that once the liquid gets into the eyes, nose, and throat of someone, the capillaries – which are the very tiny blood vessels in all of us – will swell up and cause involuntary reactions that a person cannot control. They will not be able to keep their eyes open and tears will flood their sockets. They will not be able to breathe very well and will start to cough and choke as their own body tries to fight off the chemical invasion. There will be an intense burning sensation all over their skin that really hurts.

As long as facial contact is made, you are sure to be able to get away as the affected person will have no other desire than to make the burning stop and get to a water source to flush their face and eyes with. Most sprays also have an infused dye that can be used to identify the attacker. Once you spray someone, get away as quickly as you can and call for help. The police will be able to ID who the person is by the dye all over their face.

You can obtain a self defense spray in many sizes from big to keychain-sized small. The cost of these is minimal and can be found starting at under $10. If you have one of these on you when you go outside, you will have no reason to feel afraid. You will know that you’re able to fend off an attack easily and at a safe distance before they even get close enough to you.

Defensive sprays have these benefits:

  1. Extremely Effective
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Lightweight
  4. Used from a distance

Go here to get yours:

Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Learning to become vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times goes a long way to providing a safety buffer. Walking tall and keeping your head up demonstrates confidence and gives you an aura of being someone not to mess with. Keeping aware of who’s around you also gives you a “head’s up” to see someone’s demeanor as they approach.

Criminals in prison have gone on record stating they are looking for someone who is not paying attention. Someone with their head down and just trudging along. Making eye contact with those you encounter shows you are paying attention and would be able to identify an attacker. This is exactly what they do not want.

Exuding the confidence that you can take care of yourself makes you a tougher target and one that most criminals would rather pass up. They do not want to deal with someone who’d give them trouble and would rather find a more docile, easier conquered person they can control.

With the protection of a pepper spray, you can have that confidence because you know you have the ability to protect yourself. Not even those drunk or on drugs are able to defy basic human physiology. A blast of pepper spray to the face and anyone has to succumb to its effects.

Go Forth and Prosper

Armed with knowledge and a canister of pepper spray, you do not have to be afraid to go outside alone. If you’re a jogger, there are even cans made especially for running. Keep your head up, stay alert to your surroundings, and have the attitude that you are not a victim. Being confident makes you less of a target as the bad guys are looking for an easy score.

Keep your OC spray with you at all times and be prepared to use it if you need to. This means keeping it handy while you’re out. Hold it in your hand while walking to and from your vehicle or from place to place. It really is a show stopper and you can be sure that anyone who tries to stop you will find they’ve chosen the wrong person.


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