6 Essential Crossbow Safety Tips

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Crossbow Safety

Are you considering investing in a crossbow for the upcoming hunting season?

Many states have eased restricitons in using one.

Crossbows are growing in popularity across the United States. These weapons are relatively easy to learn and are also extremely accurate. 

However, because they are such a unique weapon, they come with their own set of rules in terms of safety. Before you go hunting, it is essential to be full-versed in crossbow safety. 

So what are the safety tips you should know?

Read this article to learn 6 essential crossbow safety tips. 

1. Keep Your Hands Off the Rail 

Getting your hand caught between the rail and the cocked string is an extremely common crossbow injury. 

Most modern crossbows come with guards on the fore-end, therefore making it difficult to place your hand in a dangerous spot. However, issues arise if you shoot from a rest, as in this position you don't need to use your off-hand. Because of this, the off-hand has a tendency to wander. 

To avoid injuring your off-hand, make sure to keep it tucked in your lap if you are at a rest.

2. Check Your Bolts 

Always check to make sure your bolts are in top condition. 

A bolt with even the slightest crack in it can explode and cause shards of graphite to land in your cheeks. 

Also, make sure the bolts you are using are heavy enough, as crossbow bolts are not one size fits all. 

3. Avoid Dry-Fires

Dry-fire crossbows can be extremely dangerous, as they allow you to fire without a bolt in place. 

Always avoid these types of crossbows at all costs. Instead, opt for an anti-dry-fire crossbow that only allows you to fire with the bolt in the right place. 

This is a critical piece of crossbow safety that should not be overlooked. 

4. De-Cock Correctly

The safest way to de-cock your crossbow is to shoot it. 

Some crossbows can be de-cocked with the help of a rope-cocking device. Using this device is not particularly difficult. However, if you make a mistake you can wind up with a bow to the foot or arm.

To guarantee safety, keep a discharge bolt handy at all times and shoot it out at the end of the day. 

5. Treat It Like a Loaded Firearm 

Whether your crossbow has a bolt in it or not, you should always treat it like a loaded firearm. 

Treating it like a firearm also includes always keeping it pointed in a safe direction, away from yourself and away from others. This includes storing it in a safe spot when it is not in use so it is out of reach of any children. 

Even without a bolt in place, a dry-fired crossbow can shoot broken pieces down the range. 

6. Have an Adequate Backstop 

Crossbows shoot extremely hard and it is rare to ever see the bolts recovered. 

Just as you would with a rifle, make sure you have a quality backstop when you are doing practice shots. 

Crossbow Safety: Wrap Up

Hopefully, this article helps you feel more prepared about using your crossbow. 

Always use your common sense and avoid taking any unnecessary risks with your weapons. 

If you have any questions about our safety tips, please drop us a comment below or contact us for more info on choosing the right crossbow. 


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