6 College Safety Tips Every Student Should Know

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College Safety Tips

It's a dangerous world out there.

And your college campus is no exception. The statistics for college sexual assault are staggering.

Female undergraduate students are three times more likely to be assaulted than the average woman. Nearly a quarter of female college students are the victims of sexual assault or rape.

College safety tips to prevent sexual violence

While no college safety tips are 100% effective, there is a number of practices you can utilize to stay safe. These will put you at less risk of becoming a victim.

1. Never travel alone

There is safety in numbers. You are far more likely to be targeted if you are walking across campus alone.

Especially when walking at night. Nothing gets a rapist salivating quite like the sight of a co-ed walking down a dark sidewalk by herself.

Find a trustworthy group of friends and escort each other around your college campus. This will make you all far less vulnerable.

2. Don't be distracted

You don't need to be driving while using a smartphone to have disastrous consequences.

If you are walking around campus with your nose to your screen, you lose awareness of your surroundings.

Cell Phone Distraction

And would-be attackers are sure to notice.

One second, you're checking movie times and texting a friend to make plans. The next, you're snatched from behind and victimized.

That text message can wait. Keep your phone in your pocket until you are safe.

3. Party responsibly

College is a great time to have fun. Everyone is meeting new people and trying new things.

A lot of the time, those new things include drugs and alcohol.

But partying too hard can lead to incapacitation. This makes you entirely vulnerable to anyone who might take advantage of you.

Partying with moderation is one of the most important college safety tips. 

4. Lock your door

Lock your Door

Dorms are a great place for building community. Many life-long friendships start when someone walks into an open dorm room and strikes up a conversation with whoever is in there.

But your future best friend isn't the only person who can walk in.

An unlocked door can also invite more malicious guests.

It may not make you the most popular person on the floor, but it will make you much safer. 

5. Know how to defend yourself

There's only so much these college safety tips can do to dissuade an attacker. When all else fails, knowing how to fight back can make all the difference.

Many colleges offer free self-defense classes to their students. If yours does not, look for other programs in your area.

Your college might also allow you to carry non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray or stun guns.

While these items might not seriously harm an attacker, they can incapacitate them long enough to allow you to get away.

If your college does not allow these, carry a personal alarm or a whistle to attract attention in case of trouble. If there's one thing a would-be rapist hates, it's outside attention.

Do you have any more college safety tips or a favorite personal defense device? Let us know in the comments.


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