5 Self Protection Tips You Need to Know

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Self Defense Tips

With all of the scary things going on in today's society, protecting yourself from it all can feel very overwhelming and even impossible. We often feel this underlying fear that chips away at our happiness for the day. 

While it may be impossible to prevent every frightening possibility in society, there is an area of protection that is always within our control: how well prepared we are to defend ourselves in the midst of immediate physical danger.

Let's explore 5 self protection tips that will help you feel more secure and prepared if the unthinkable were to happen.

Self ProtectionTips

#1. Prevention

As with almost anything in life, prevention is the key. Take precautions to keep yourself out of potentially dangerous situations.

Prevention - Taking Precautions

Some suggestions include:

  • Making an effort to do your grocery shopping before dusk
  • Taking well-traveled and well-lit paths 
  • Keeping your keys in your hand
  • Not going alone: always having a jogging/walking buddy
  • Letting someone know where you are and when you can expect to be home and check-in
  • Changing up your typical route

Defusing a situation: if someone tries to pick a fight or harass you, politely respond and walk away. Just ignoring can often escalate situations.

#2. Be Aware

Know what you're walking into and what's around you. Scope out your surroundings. This only requires a few seconds of your time. And it can also save your life.

Potential assaulters or muggers hone in on the person chatting absentmindedly on the cell phone or singing to the music on the earbuds.

If you must walk alone at night, let your significant other know you'll call him/her when you get home. If you aren't willing to give up your music on an evening jog, at least keep the volume low and keep alert.

#3. Use Your Voice

Get Loud. Really loud. There's no room for "worrying what the neighbors will think."

It's generally recommended to scream, "fire!" rather than "help!"

This is because most of us, unfortunately, have become somewhat immune to hearing "help!" or screaming in any fashion. Think about it. The boyfriend who tickles his girlfriend and she yells "stop!", The child who is being chased by another and shouts out.  

But when someone screams "fire", everyone's looking around for the fire.

#4. Groin Shot

Size really doesn't matter. At least when it comes to self defense.

Groin Kick

A front kick to the groin will stop most any attacker in his (or her) tracks. If you can't get a good kick in, strike the groin with whatever you can. 

Contrary the popular belief, a groin shot is effective on both men and women.

#5. Carry Protection

From pepper spray to key chain alarms to lipstick stunners, you have so many options to choose from. There are pen knives, stun pens, tactical flashlights and so much more.

Lipstick Stunners

Find what fits your lifestyle and comfort level. In other words, don't purchase a pen knife when you're much more likely to actually feel comfortable using a stun pen

The Next Step in Self Defense

If you're ready to take that next step in protecting yourself, check out what we have to offer at TBO-TECH.

Don't be a victim. Reclaim your power and sense of safety with these self protection tips.


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