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Money Detector Pen

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Your fake money pen can be used in stores, shops, or any business that takes cash as a form of payment. If you try to deposit a counterfeit bill to your bank, they are obligated to take it from you and not give you credit for it. You simply lose the money.

This effective counterfeit detector will prevent loss to you and your business. You can test the bills as they are handed to you and know whether or not they are real.

All of your cashiers should have one of these and be instructed to use it on all large bills that are given to them. This can save you alot of money if you are mainly a cash based business.

Even the big stores use them. I was at Best Buy during the Christmas season and was buying a gift that cost a few hundred dollars. I went prepared and had cash with me. As I handed over the $100 bills, the cashier took out one of these markers and tested them. It was so quick I barely noticed. But since we sell the exact same product, I did take notice. A couple of seconds and the cashier had me on my way.

Fake Money Detector Pen

U.S. Patent No. 5,063,163 and Foreign Patent No. 0301203


Money Test Pen

Pen that detects counterfeit money

It doesn't take long to see if the bills are real. There are millions of counterfeit bills in circulation. This money detector pen allows you to detect counterfeit money before you accept it. Simply mark anywhere on the bill - if it turns yellow the bill is good, if it turns black or brown the bill is a counterfeit.

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