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Home Protection

Unfortunately, burglary is on the rise in the US. Given our current economic situation, it is becoming more and more important to keep our homes and valuables safe and secure.

Many homes have drastically dropped in value over the past 5 or so years. Even so, home values are still on average in the $200,000 range. That's a hefty sized investment.

With all that said, we offer to you our line of home protection items and wireless home alarms. These are very popular home protection products. More importantly, they are inexpensive alternatives to costly security systems and you can take them with you if you move.

All of these home alarms are simple to install. Keeping your family safe has never been easier.

There are many inexpensive items you can use to protect your home. From wireless alarms to physical door stoppers, you can find solutions to your home protection needs here.

Security for your Doors Alarms for Windows Infrared Motion Alarms  

Home and Personal Alarm
Multi Function UFO Alarm

$35.00   $26.00

Barking Dog Alarm
Electronic Watchdog


Auto Dialer Motion Activated Alarm
Auto Dialer Security Alarm

$39.95   $37.95

Driveway Alarm
Driveway Alarm


Security Bar for Door
Door Brace

$29.95   $26.95

Air Pressure Alarm
Air Pressure Alarm


Motion Alert Alarm
Motion Detector Alarm


Door Tampering Alarm
Dual Purpose Personal Alarm


Wireless Home Security System
Wireless Home Security System


Personal Alarm with Light
Personal Alarm with Flashing Light

$11.95   $10.95

Wireless Remote Control
Wireless Remote


Door Guard Alarm
Door Vibration Alarm


door window sensor
Door and Window Sensor

$24.95   $22.95

Motion Sensor
Wireless Motion Sensor

$24.95   $22.95

Door and Window Alarm
Door and Window Alarm


Door/Window Alarm
Door Window Alarm


Window Alarm
Burglar Window Alarm


Infrared Motion Sensor
Infrared Motion Sensor

$19.95   $15.95

Mace Personal Alarm with Light
Mace Alarm with Flashlight

$19.95   $17.95

Mini Travel Alarm PIR Sensor
Travel Alarm


Voice Alert - Driveway Alarm
Voice Alert Home Protection System


Voice Alert Transmitter
Voice Alert Transmitter


Door Wedge Alarm
Door Stop Alarm

$14.95   $12.95

door knob alarm
Door Knob Alarm


Pool Alarm
Pool Alarm - Pool Protector

$159.00   $139.00

Door Entry Alarm
Door Entry Alarm


Motion Alarm and Chime
Motion Alarm and Chime


Home Programmable Timer
Home Programmable Timer


See Behind You Glasses
See Behind You Glasses



These wireless alarms make great travel alarms also. Carry them with you when traveling for added security. What additional measures can you take to keep your most valuable asset - your home - safe? Check out these helpful tips and a great read: Protect Your Most Valuable Asset!

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