Top 10 Non-Lethal Self Defense Products

stun gunSadly, it is not a “Leave it to Beaver World” and a time might come when you have to defend yourself. But as much as we love our guns though, Americans are not fond of the idea of blowing away a fellow countryman right on the street. At the same time, we can not just passively stand around and be robbed and raped. That is why we have embraced non-lethal forms of self defense. While the ancient martial arts are a great tool, the answer has been found in science with the development of new weapons. Most involve electricity or capsicum. Here are the top 10 non-lethal self defense products.

– The classic stun gun. Almost everyone is familiar with these and the sinister crackling noise and menacing electric arc they make. About the size of two large bars of soap, they can deliver charges up to 900,000 volt to disrupt the voluntary muscle system for around 10 minutes. Even an attacker that is drunk, high, or insane is not immune to it and, as scary as it is to get shocked by it, it is always non-lethal.

– Mini stun gun. With only slightly less power than its larger brother, it is still strong enough to “drop” an attacker yet small enough to fit into a pack of cigarettes. It is great for those who want to keep it in hand when going out to the car or walking down the street.

– Clandestine stun gun. The “cell phone” version is very similar to the mini but a bit larger. The “pen” version is about the size of a marker.

– Telescoping stun baton. Too big to really carry on the street but is great when walking in the woods or walking the dog. It can break up a dog fight while keeping your hands at a safe distance.

– Tazers. Also too big to carry but idea for home or car. It works on the same principal as the stun gun but buy firing darts with a wire back to the gun. It is a favorite of police because it can be used at a safe range.

– Classic mace/pepper spray. A compressed solution of capsicum that burns the eyes, mouth, throat and skin. Some of them come with ultraviolet dyes to help identify the attacker later.

– Clandestine mace/pepper spray. Similar to the clandestine stun guns but it has more options on shapes and size.

– Mace foam. This works the same basic way as the spray but cover the attacker face with the irritating foam. When the attacker tries to wipe it off to see it rubs it into the skin causing more burning. It is the size of larger mace sprays and can fire up to 10 feet.

– The mace gun. It looks like a small flare gun but fires 7 shots at a range of 25 feet, 3 times further than the sprays do.

– Personal alarms. These are small (keychain size) alarms that when activated put out a 130 db alarm. That’s as load as 8 100 db alarms going off at once. It is so loud it ca be heard at a ¼ mile. Some even have a flashing strobe to help identify its location.

So there they are, the top 10 non-lethal self defense weapons. Take responsibility for you safety and see if one is right for you.

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Steve Thibeault is the owner and President of TBO-TECH Self Defense Products. After serving 11 great years in the US Army, he started up his own business offering ways for people to better protect themselves and their families. You can follow Steve at or on Facebook.

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  1. Linda Allman

    I wish someone would develop a product, maybe something that operates like a fire extinguisher, that would end a dogfight without using anything harmful to the dog. Maybe compressed air with a loud noise?

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