Dec 122009

A neighbor of mine recently came to me to ask for help with choosing hidden cameras for his home. We’ll call him “Joe” to protect the innocent.

Joe’s been having repeat break-ins occurring at his home. He explained that he knows it’s the same thieves every time, thinks he knows who it is, but can’t prove it. He continued to say he has two choices to end this: 1) shoot them, or 2) catch them in the act. He really prefers the latter.

With a family of 6, Joe is very concerned for their safety. His wife is now afraid to stay home by herself with the kids. Joe is dealing with the stress of being away from home, wondering how many doors he is going to have to replace before these criminals get caught. The police haven’t been very much help. There isn’t enough evidence.

Joe has been broken into many times by these thugs, and the last two times were within a month of each other – just this past month as a matter of fact. A no-good neighbor keeps a watch for when there is no one home at Joe’s and then makes a call and gives an “all clear”. Later, when Joe arrives home from a long days work, his house is torn apart, and things are missing. Valuable things like jewelry, money and guns. The jerks even tear through the kids’ rooms for goods.

Last Saturday, which was also the day Joe received his camera equipment from us, he and his son were out back shooting their guns, practicing for their next hunting expedition. Later that evening, while Joe was running up the road to drop his kids off at his parents so he & his wife could enjoy a night out with some friends, the culprits tried striking again. After hearing the gun shots earlier in the day, that no-good neighbor rang his kleptomaniac friends to fill them in.

The sound of those guns alerted them there was more loot. Unfortunately, Joe hadn’t enough time yet to get his camera’s set up and in place. Luckily, his friends had been pulling up in his driveway at the same time and ran them off before they could do any damage.

Now he has his hidden cameras in place and recording 24/7. He has them strategically placed at the entry points, and the next time those burglars prowl again, it will be their last time.

Even if you have never been burglarized, wouldn’t you feel more safe knowing that should this happen to you, you’ll have the security in place to prevent it from happening again?

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