Mar 212012

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Right here in our own community last week a woman was walking to her car in a darkened parking lot of a shopping mall. She was approached by a man who was a stranger to her asking for directions. The hair on the back of her neck stood up. Fortunately she had some pepper spray in her purse.

Without hesitation she took it out, turned around and sprayed a warning spray over the man’s head with a command to back off. The man hesitated for a second and took off.

It is yet another example of how a self defense product can be used effectively to ward off a potential assault.

Our Wildfire Defensive Sprays come in a wide variety of sizes and disbursement methods.

Mace Triple Action Spray comes in five styles to choose from. The triple action is a dose of OC pepper spray, CN tear gas and UV marking dye.

The combination gives you triple protection. UV dye marks an assailant for possible identification later. CN tear gas causes tearing of the eyes and an intense burning sensation to the face and pepper spray causes the eyes to close with uncontrollable coughing and choking.


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