Mar 292012

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Here’s a story about some new military police trainees who are undergoing training that hasn’t been done before. They are finding out what oleoresin capsicum, better known as pepper spray, is like. Believe it or not,until now, Military police had no nonlethal alternative to deadly force. Now they are starting to carry pepper sprays to help them perform their duties.

The course is called Law Enforcement Training Seminar.

You can read the rest of the story HERE

It is actually not surprising that the military would choose pepper spray as their first nonlethal alternative to deadly force. It is close to 90% effective on average and is the most widely used nonlethal self defense product in the world.

We have a wide selection of Mace Pepper Sprays which are the most popular pepper sprays in the marketplace. When people say pepper spray they think Mace.

If you want a stronger concentration of oleoresin capsicum Wildfire Sprays would be your choice.


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