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Carrying a knife would be considered common if you lived in medieval Japan but in this day and age, there are certain legal restrictions that you must keep in mind.  This is so that you not only avoid violating any laws, you also help ensure safety and security in your community.  There are indeed laws that cover carrying of knives that you should be aware of.  So does the right to bear arms still stands?

Are you dangerous or is it just your knife?

When it comes to carrying knives, the United States has been generally tolerant with its citizens, although there are a few restrictions depending on your place of residence.  In majority of states, people are allowed to carry a knife in their person.  That means that if you wish to carry a knife with you, you’re probably not breaking any rules.

There are certain restrictions, however.  First, there is the knife itself.  A knife is a potential lethal weapon, regardless of its size and shape.  In the right hands, it could be a tool to create, build, cook or even protect a life but in the wrong hands, it can be a deadly weapon.  A butcher’s knife, for example, that can be used to cut meat to make stew can also cut or maim an individual.

To help prevent, minimize or at least discourage any crimes or accidents involving knives, people are only allowed to carry one if it is single-edged.  The person carrying the knife should also not make it appear that the knife can be a threat.  If a knife has been proven to be carried with intent to harm another person, for example, it will be considered illegal.  This explains why people may be allowed to carry small knives such as pen knives if they can prove that their intention is for self-defense.

The location where the knives are carried into also matter.  If you carry knives around in your own home or backyard, you will not be doing anything illegal.  But if you enter the premises of another person’s property or business establishment, you may be breaking certain laws.  There are also laws that discourage people from carrying knives if they will be entering a government building.  If you have a knife with you, it might be construed as a security threat or even a terrorist one.

There are also states that have laws about carrying knives that prohibit people from carrying one in plain sight in a public setting.  If the knife is concealed, though, there should be no problem.


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