Know the Different Types of Animal Control Gadgets

Animal control can be quite challenging, particularly in areas where wildlife populations are largely unrestricted.  If marauding animals are gradually taking over and destroying your property, there are certain animal control gadgets you can use.  Here are several types you might want to consider:

Blow guns
Blow guns are very simple weapons used for animal control.  They are widely used for hunting and are also often used in zoos and wildlife parks to shoot tranquilizer darts at larger animals.

Blow guns are primitive in design but they are quite effective for use if you intend to restrict the presence of animals in your backyard. They’re legal to use in the U.S., although certain restrictions apply in other countries.

Sling shots
Generations of young boys (and even girls) will swear at the efficacy of sling shots when it comes to scaring away small to medium-sized animals.  Sling shots are inexpensive and can easily be built using simple materials.

Sling shots function as catapults, with a pellet, steel ball or pebble loaded as the projectile.  The sling shot, when used with enough force at a sufficient distance, can be a deadly weapon, especially when used with birds and small animals.  When used skillfully, sling shots can be very efficient gadgets for animal control.

Bear spray
An encounter with a bear can be deadly, particularly if you’re unprepared.  An effective animal control gadget to use is the bear spray.  Bear spray contains a chemical substance called oleoresin capsicum which is extracted from pepper or chilli.  When sprayed directly on the bear’s face, eyes or nose, the oily liquid can cause extreme discomfort, nausea, choking, runny nose and tearing up.

A bottle of bear spray is a very effective animal control gadget.  It should be used carefully, though because the user is definitely not immune to its effects.

Dog repeller

A dog repeller is a type of animal control gadget that can come in several forms.  The most popular of these is the electronic dog repellant.  It’s a compact gadget that uses ultrasonic waves to stop an attacking dog in its tracks.  These sounds are easily picked up by dogs, which are capable of hearing sounds at higher frequencies.  It’s harmless to dogs, although it will cause some discomfort to them due to the high frequency sounds.  The sounds are inaudible to human ears and will not hurt or harm the user or any person within proximity.

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