Mar 212012

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Here is a story about elder abuse and how widespread it is. It is very pervasive all over the world. You can read the whole story HERE. The story may shock you.

Part of the story is about a Pennsylvania couple who suspected elder abuse of their mother and the role a hidden camera played. “Sensing abuse, McCallister’s daughter and son-in-law placed a hidden camera in her bedroom. What they found was horrifying. A dementia patient, the video captured McCallister being hit, taunted, poked in the eyes, and having her ears pulled.”

We have some of the best Hidden Spy Camerasin the marketplace. Anyone of them can detect elder abuse or a wide variety of indiscretions including infidelity and child abuse. They are all wireless and use an RCA cable to a monitor for viewing or you can download the video to your PC using the 8 GB SD card. Most of them can be operated by remote control.


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