Dec 122011

Two news clippings recently caught my eye about dog bites and dog attacks. The first one was about a jogger who got attacked by an aggressive dog. You can read about it in more detail RIGHT HERE

The second article was a commentary about how dog bites have become much more common in Texas. The same can probably be said of any state in the country. You can read that article HERE.

You probably are ready know how big a problem dog bites and dog attacks are. Nearly 1,000,000 people every year get hospitalized by dog bites. It has been estimated at close to 5 million people are attacked by dog. Unfortunately , many of those dog attacks are against children.

The big question for many is what can you do about it is? There are several self defense products on the market today that will work. One is the dog chaser. It is very effective against many kinds dogs.

Many of my customers are telling me the the Telescopic Stun Baton works at scaring away dogs because of the flying sparks and intimidating sounds. If that isn’t enough, the 800,000 volts to the body of the dog will get them to back off. It is one effective way to protect yourself from dog attacks and dog bites.


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