Apr 122009

Living by the law, doing what is right, being a decent person and citizen, and being fair to others are several of the implications here. Benjamin Franklin knew that you need to be correct in your speech and your actions particularly with other people, and especially strangers.

We live in a day and age when many people are downright mean and nasty to others, not to mention rude and insensitive. It is so sad to see how some people mistreat those around them, and how some people have no regard for others.

If the good publisher of Poor Richard’s Almanac were here, he would suggest that we “be nice to each other, respect one another, have a certain degree of compassion and understanding, and use manners and patience with other people.”

There have been, since biblical times, people who are crude, mean, and even evil. Thank goodness that a large majority of folks are decent people, and if we follow the recommendations of good old Ben, we can be even better people!

And if you come across someone who rudely demands your wallet, feel free to dispense some justice with a telescopic steel baton.



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