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How To Use Pepper Spray In Defense

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If you and all of your loved ones aren’t carrying pepper spray right now then shame on you. Pepper spray is one of the easiest and when used properly most effective self defense tools available.

But self defense products are much more than buying a pepper spray and handing it over. It’s very important to know how to use it should you be attacked.

The first thing you want to do is pick the right pepper spray for you. Here are some choices:

– keychain pepper spray: usually small in size, around 1/2 oz, has a keychain for carrying on you keys, approximately 8 foot range and contains 5 one-second bursts

– keychain pepper spray in leatherette or molded holster: same features as the one above with a holster of your choice

– home models: anywhere from 2-9 ounces an they vary in range. Good to keep near doors or other entrances to your home

– car models: include usually a smaller pepper spray about a half ounce and include a visor clip for easy storage and accessibility

– disguised models: made to look like a lipstick case, pen or even jewelry that actually contains pepper spray

The next step is to get familiar with your pepper spray. Inspect it, hold it in your hands, practice the motions of picking it up and pointing at an attacker. Just get comfortable with it and trust that it will protect you.

Now let’s imagine you are attacked. Before the attack happens your pepper spray should already be in your hand or easily accessible. You should not be digging through your purse or searching around for it.

Most pepper sprays have a safety. And usually the safety is also part of the actuator or sprayer. You’ll want to turn the safety off and then immediately point the pepper spray directly at an attacker’s face and press down on the actuator. It really is that simple.

The more directly you hit someone in the face, the more effective the pepper spray will be.

Pepper spray will do the following to your attacker instantly:
– cause their eyes to slam shut
– deep, heavy coughing/choking
– irritation of the nose, mouth and throat
– a burning sensation
– mucous membranes will swell

These effects will give you more than enough time to escape.

Finally, if you’re someone who has to “see it” to believe it, do one favor for me…spray a tiny amount of pepper spray on your finger and rub around your eyes, nose or mouth. Then email me your reaction!

Pepper Spray Options

No Matter What Time of Day It Is, Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

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The world is a different place than it used to be, we all know this. If you don’t, then go ahead and climb out from under that rock, pop a cold drink of your choice and look around.

Lets take Florida, for example. Four children, three of them gone forever. No longer living in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Haleigh Cummings vanishes in the night from her own bed. There is enough personal drama surrounding this case to fill a football stadium but that’s beyond the point. A five year old girl was taken and although she is still listed as missing, information from veteran officers close to the case have secret “low hopes” for finding this baby alive.

Then there was seven year old Somer Thompson. Who after being seperated from a group of kids on the daily walk home from school was found in a Georgia landfill just 3 days later. Murdered by an unknown person, in an unknown place for an unknown reason. There is a person of interest in this case but no new information.

Seventeen year old Makia Coney, almost a senior in high school. Got in a truck with two known classmates after school one afternoon. Her parents reported her missing and just 3 hours after leaving the school her body was found in a nearby park with 2 different gunshot wounds to the head. Her classmates confessed to the crime with no clear motive.

And just a couple weeks ago, a newborn baby was taken from his family by Department of Family Services impersonater who claimed to have followed the couple for 2 days. The kidnapper told her family the baby was a girl. Luckily, it was discovered the baby was actually a boy and he was safely returned to his family.

I’m sure I left out cases in Florida that are no less important then these. And if I went state by state I know there are hundreds more. Some you never hear about.

As mature as your child may seem, they are still children. They are lacking life experiences that prepare them for dangerous situations. That’s why they look to us to protect them. And even when it seems as though we drive them crazy, they still need us.

And for heaven’s sake, a little common sense goes long way. What would you do if a “social worker” showed up just 3 days after your baby came home from the hospital? Thank her for dropping by and hand over your baby? I don’t think so. “You better go get the police and pry this baby from my dead body”, that’s what I’d say.

Take the responsibility of keeping your loved ones safe.

Woman Jumps Off Cliff to Flee Attacker

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Authorities say a man tried to sexually assault a Malibu jogger who escaped by jumping off a cliff and sliding about 100 feet down a steep hillside… Foxnews story

Joggers should always carry some form of personal protection with them on their run. A container of pepper spray weighs next to nothing and can easily be used should the need arise. Runners are targets for predators because a runner is usually engrossed in their run and not paying attention. Especially if they’re listening to music and can’t hear the outside world.

pepper spray for joggers

Safety First Saturday – Spring and Summer Tips

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Spring and Summer are right around the corner. A lot of us have already begun to feel the temperatures rising.

This is an exciting time of year. People are thinking vacations, outdoors and fun!

Here are five tips to keep you and your family safe as the seasons unfold:

1. Pools – a refreshing way to cool down on a hot day. But pools are very dangerous to small children. If you are visiting a place with a pool, be sure to know where all life saving devices are, keep life jackets or swim wings on kids at all times, and talk to your kids about pool safety. If you own a pool do all of the mentioned and also consider a Pool Alarm. This alarm monitors changes in the surface level of the water. Should a child, animal or anything else fall in, the alarm will sound.

2. Skin care – even if you live somewhere that’s mostly cloudy, you are still getting the harmful rays of the sun. Make sure everyone is well covered in sun block of at least SPF 30 and be sure to reapply throughout the day.
Door Stop Alarm
3. Vacations – spring and summer are often prime season for tourist attractions. Not only does this make business owners happy but criminals as well. Remember, criminals act on opportunity. Get familiar with places you visit before you arrive and be sure to carry only small amounts of cash when you’re there. Keep your hotel locked and consider bringing a Door Stop Alarm. This alarm acts as a door wedge and alarm. Should anyone open your room door, an alarm will sound 130dB.

4. Heat exhaustion – the rising temperatures will make it almost impossible to stay indoors for a long period of time. Picnics, sports games, parades and community events will be filling our weekends. It’s important to remember to stay hydrated with water, especially for children and the elderly. Symptoms include: Heavy sweating, fatigue, headache, pale/clammy skin, thirst, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps. If you think heat exhaustion is occurring, get to a cool, air conditioned room and drink cool (not icy) fluids such as water or sport drinks.

5. Hot cars – last year we heard a lot of stories about children and pets being left in cars…some of them survived but some of them didn’t. This really is about common sense. No matter how quickly your trip into the store or wherever may be…take your children. If you are running errands where you cannot take a pet, then leave your pet at home. When you get home, double check your car to make sure everyone is out.

Hope that you’re as excited about the approaching summer as we are and I hope you find these reminders helpful!

How A Security Camera Can Keep You Out of Jail

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An Arizona woman is sitting behind bars for quite some time after stabbing her husband over his cell phone call history.

Now, lets go back a little bit. This lady’s suspicion didn’t all of sudden come about and she thought, “hmmm, let me check out his phone”. No, no, no…we all know women have this funny thing called intuition.

Her intuition alarm had been going off long before this night.

What she failed to do was try to catch him first, then confront him with hard core evidence. Instead, she freaks out over an untelling call log and stabs the man multiple times.

Ladies (and men!), let’s start putting on our creative caps before our crazy caps! We have the perfect solution whether you suspect a cheating spouse, or maybe an abusive nanny or even misbehaving teenagers.

And that solution is a hidden camera with built-in DVR. We have several options from an alarm clock to air freshener to ultra portable solutions like a cigarette lighter hidden camera or desk clock camera.

Whatever your need, we have something that I know will work for you. Get over to our web site and check out our selection of hidden cams, nanny cams and surveillance equipment.

Hidden Cameras with DVR built in!